100% natural cooking spice!


As Africans, we love our spices and Jaracrayfish is one spice that can turn your dishes into memorable meals. After their first attempt to enter the Port Harcourt market failed, the brand decided to try again, but this time, realizing they needed the help of experts, enlisted us for the job.

Haven done our due diligence on the product and gotten critical information about it from the producers, we worked with the client to develop and execute a strategic market penetration plan.

In order to implement the plan, we deployed our field marketers who combed all the major markets in Port Harcourt from Mile 1, Mile 3, Creek Road market, Rumuomasi market, Rumuokwuta market to Newmarket plus many street stores. We had the dual agenda of re-introducing the spice into the market and gleaning market insights from the sellers. This step gave us rich insights into how the markets perceived the product and the improvements they advised.

Once the feedback from the market was implemented, we deployed field marketers for the second phase, which was the actual product distribution to the market and successfully engaged wholesalers and retailers across the city. Ever since, the product has gained so much momentum in the markets now, and it is readily available in markets and neighbourhood stores all over the city and beyond.

Another success story not just for Mapemond Limited, but our client, HyperGold Limited, makers of Jaracrayfish!


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