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Have you ever had a bone stuck in your throat or maybe a meal went the wrong way while you were enjoying a delicious meal? If you have, you would know how destabilizing it is and it could almost make you give up on the food right there and then.

This is how we would describe the unceremonial interruption of the COVID-19 pandemic right in the heart of carrying out a launch plan for our Client, The Hair Court. Nevertheless, as professional we navigated the hurdles and set the ball rolling for the brand.

In January 2020, the Founder and Creative Director of The Hair Court contacted us to help bring the then idea to life. We quickly stepped in with rolled-up sleeves from the beginning stages of intense brainstorming to give direction to the business, to the successful development of the brand road map, until the development and execution of the marketing strategies.  The salon launched and received over 40 new customers in attendance (excluding friends and relatives of the owner) within the first two weeks, our marketing and sales strategies worked!

Here is a quick rundown of our work with this brand:

  1. Brand strategy development
    2. Marketing strategy development and implementation
    3. Recruitment of stylists, technicians, and front desk staff
    4. Training of all members of staff
    5. Setup of social media pages
    6. Management of social media pages
    7. Running of targeted social media adverts
    8. Creation of free e-book for promo
    9. General business support and advisory

The clients are already falling in love with the brand, but the journey just began. Brand development is one thing and brand management is another.

We loved the client’s open-mindedness, nothing is as important as giving your business the right foundation.

We do not do mere branding; we ensure that branding coincides perfectly with the business model and strategy.

It was an exciting cruise, taking the idea from just an idea to a full-blown, successfully running business…woo-hoo! We did it again, and to our client, we appreciate your trust in us.

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