strategic marketing management

Our Captain at APCON!


On Wednesday I taught strategic marketing management to over 35 participants at the Port Harcourt edition of the Advanced Marketing Communications certification training program organized by the Advertising Professionals Council of Nigeria.

The highlight for me was when they confirmed that I had helped them gain clarity on the difference between strategic marketing and marketing strategy because even google confuses people a lot!

Another highlight was the breakout session when I divided the class into three groups to dissect a real marketing strategy Mapemond developed for a leading brand across Nigeria.
It drove home the point and the seriousness of the participants during the group presentations was so heartwarming!

If you want to do better with your marketing and sales, you should register for the GET YOUR SALES RIGHT course at Mapemond Business Academy.

There is way more potential in your business waiting for you to unlock through the right strategies and tactics. I will be glad to have you in class and hold your hands even afterwards.


Your Co-Traveler,
Mister Maple