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Salaries aren’t determined by what the employee desires, it’s ultimately hinged on what the business can afford to pay. Where the affordable amount is poor, the employer should make room for some level of flexibility to get good productivity. Create shifts, reduce work hours, give off days, allow remote work if and when possible/necessary. Make

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The city of Port Harcourt has many food vendors but few actually go the extra mile of “belly pleasing” you right on time. It is safe to say that this business model is one that gives the brands on our list the competitive advantage they enjoy. Of course, most major players like Kilimanjaro, Jevinik, Dominos,

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branding agency in Nigeria

The marketing mix is widely considered as the foundation model for businesses. It consist of marketing tools used to attain marketing objectives in any target market. The marketing mix further represents four levels of marketing that directs the decision of an entrepreneur. These 4Ps are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

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One of the toughest parts of being the head of an organisation is having someone whom you trust to oversee the affairs of the business whenever you are absent. Most employers and heads of departments would agree that trustworthy employees or team members are hard to come by these days. A lot of organisations have

branding agency in Nigeria


Asides the regular banking activities many banks engage in, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) has raised the bar in the banking sector. It has become associated with creative and speedy customer service. Because of its outstanding financial performance, excellence, and innovations, GT Bank is rated one of Nigeria’s foremost Financial Institution. Find out how this brand

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branding agency in Nigeria

Bezos also utilises the opportunity to remind the shareholders about the company’s plan from the beginning. This can be seen in the most recent 2018 shareholders letter released 11th April 2019.

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Many would say that the creation of Nike in January 25 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, brought about a revolution in the sport industry. The company first ran with the name, Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) until May 30, 1971 when it changed to Nike Inc. As part of their rebranding plans, the company began to make use of the Swoosh emblem.

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The ideology that one can only be a master in one field has been proven wrong, repeatedly. Sandra Ginikachi Stephen is one of those who have broken out of the norm. From being a trained Animal and Environmental Biologist, she veered off to an entirely new field where she currently works as a Visa Processor