Our Story

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Our ship began its voyage in 2008 with the aim of helping more local businesses and organizations in Africa adopt branding as a means of standardizing their processes as well as preserving their uniqueness. We pride ourselves as a firm possessing both the bird’s and worm’s eye view in providing practical solutions for our numerous clients.





What clients are saying

They asked all the hard questions to ensure we got what we truly wanted, even questions we didn’t bother asking ourselves. We have been impressed by the depth of their thinking, presentation style, delivery speed, and relationship management. We are glad to have chosen Mapemond.

Adrian Okpere

Partner, MAP Agro Limited
Mapemond added sparkle to my business with their outstanding branding solutions, and they gave genuine support to my business objectives.

Stephen Amadi

CEO, Daplanners Travel Agency

Diki Asawo

Manager, Cinfores Limited
We appreciate Mapemond’s supererogation, even when it tends to make them suffer setbacks in delivery time.

Our Capabilities

What we do


We believe that a brand is a personality, so we work with you to define who your business is and translate that into every aspect of your business existence.


We deploy our creative intelligence in creating soothing expressions for your brand, evoking the right emotions through creative identity elements and beautiful designs.


We embark on social impact projects cutting across talent development, the creative industry, business trainings, knowledge sharing through Bootcamps and collaborations.


We love to keep our workspaces homely and playful, that’s how we unlock the untapped areas of our creative abilities.


Whether it’s through the camera, graphic illustrations, articles or broadcast, we seek to tell stories that audiences can easily relate with, that’s what ultimately shapes everything else.


Through the bird’s eye view and even that of the worm, we keenly observe and study before developing workable strategies.

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