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Beyond working and earning monthly salary, there is a deeper desire for most workers, which is Self-sufficiency. Most people aspire to live above insufficient funds, daily toil, and tirelessly strive to attain a certain level of financial freedom. When the desire for self-sufficiency is not attained, dissatisfaction creeps in and then work becomes a tedious

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purchasing power is the value of a currency expressed in terms of the amount of goods or services that one unit of money can buy.

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Have you thought about why it is a struggle for many of us not to spend business money on personal needs, even with all the talk about financial discipline? As simple as this question may sound, it would take lots of people several months if not years to answer. Whether we are counting millions or

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There has been an over told story of bossy employers who make the work place unpleasant for their employees. While often times there is another side of the story that is not told – dealing with insubordination. Many times employers are faced with the daunting task of handling employees who seem difficult to handle. This

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A brand that has championed the course of online shopping in Nigeria is Konga. With its online and offline retail platforms, Konga has consistently set the standard on which other brands in its industry build on. Having earned the game changer title in the e-commerce industry in Nigeria, Konga keeps expanding its reach and gaining

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branding firm in port harcourt

EMPLOYEE INSIGHT: “THERE IS NO FORMULA OR STRAIGHT FORWARD APPROACH WHEN IT COMES TO RELATING WITH PEOPLE IN THE WORKPLACE”–ANONYMOUS A paramount skill every employee, irrespective of their positions, should acquire is the ability to work excellently with others in the work place. They must be willing to start the learning process of establishing good

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With the fast rise of technologies of all kinds – the simple and the sophisticated – the world’s advancement clings on technological wings. A country’s development is now measured by its level of technological growth and input, while humanity relies on it for easier and better existence. This leaves one with no other choice than

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branding firm in port harcourt

Have you ever purchased a product after seeing several of its adverts but in the end, it did not meet your expectation? If you have, then you must understand that deep feeling of disappointment that accompanies the irritating feeling of being played and the urge to put that brand on your blacklist of products you