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Business Insight: The best relationships have issues too…

The best relationships are not necessarily the ones without squabbles and disputes, but the ones where the partners can address the issues graciously and carry on beautifully with the relationship.

They understand that other issues will come along the way, but they maintain the same disposition in addressing the issues, not to tear down, but to understand themselves better and to keep building.

They experience fights, disappointments, hurts, pain, anger, tears, and much more, but they never shut the door against healing, forgiveness, tolerance, and peace, so long as the partners involved have a mutual understanding.

Business relationships are not immune from issues, some can be resolved and others will slip through. Some broken business relationships can be rebuilt if only we set ego aside and make that call.

We are training employees of an airline from today and our mission is to help them deal better with the frustrations they feel in trying to serve customers better.

Customers are humans.

Co-workers are humans.

Managers are humans.

You are human.

Customer relationships, handling complaints and all that can be better handled if we first zoom into human relationships.

We can build truly global brands from Africa.