getting your business structure right

I look forward to a time when I can take leave from work and business is still going fine. I am currently about 40% there and still putting in the work. Presently, we are developing a marketing and sales system for Mapemond that wouldn’t be halted if I go on a vacation to enjoy life.

board of directors

In all honesty, do you run a one-man business? If yes, how do you intend to mitigate key man risk? You can have a hundred employees and still be a one-man business. Can critical decisions be taken without you? Can business move on without you? Over the weekend we had a virtual meeting with two

getting foreign clients

We recently got our second international client and decided not to hesitate in sharing tips for those who desire to do business globally. If you are hopeful to do business at a global level someday, get your act together and be prepared for your opportunity. Here are some tips: 1. All your arguments for not

detergent brands in Nigeria


On a daily basis, brands are in a battle for consumers’ pockets. This blog post focuses on the detergent market in Nigeria. The laundry soap product line in Nigeria has two major categories: hand-wash and machine-wash. Powder detergents and bar detergents form major portions of the hand-wash segment. In the machine-wash segment, powder detergents and

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business partners and cofounders


If you come together with someone or some persons to start a business venture either as partners or co-founders, please make sure that the duties and responsibilities of each person are clearly highlighted. That’s a brainer and everyone knows, yes, but document it with all parties having their copies of it. However, there is something

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small business branding

Salaries aren’t determined by what the employee desires, it’s ultimately hinged on what the business can afford to pay. Where the affordable amount is poor, the employer should make room for some level of flexibility to get good productivity. Create shifts, reduce work hours, give off days, allow remote work if and when possible/necessary. Make

business revamp and rebranding

It’s a hotel. Or maybe was. In a prime location. Precisely at the business district of a well-developed city. I was in town to do some work for another client and was taken on a tour to the hotel. It’s limping. The rooms are vacant most times. Even the decent conference rooms are hardly booked.

raising fund

We have resolved all kinds of challenges for the various businesses and organizations that we have worked with, but one challenge that always defeated us was raising capital for our clients who needed it to execute our awesome strategies. We have deferred that challenge for a long time but finally decided to take the bull

business structure

On structuring your business, there are a number of things to consider, but we will present just an overview. Structure is one of the fundamental differences between being self-employed and owning a business. In self-employment, the business is totally dependent on you. The business needs your constant presence to function. Decisions cannot be taken without

A couple of weeks ago, precisely on 23rd March 2021, a blockage occurred at the Suez Canal in Egypt when one of the biggest vessels in the world got stuck in the canal. This happened after the ship (Evergreen) was hit by a strong sand storm which made it run into the sidewall of the