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Some people say that branding is for the big companies with deep pockets, but there are so many big companies with little or no branding. You can have money and still not get branding right. In fact, there are so many businesses that are making serious money but pay too little attention to branding. If

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We read a post on Facebook that got our attention. It was written by the Co-Founder of Gidi Cakes, Daniel Adeniyi. It is about Africa’s Top 100 Brands for 2020. The study done by Brand Africa showed that majority of the dominant brands in Africa are not local brands. In fact, in 27 countries that were

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Inspiration for you this August. George Foreman is a legend in every sense of the word in the world of boxing. His records and history are so enormous that we don’t even know which one to write and which one to leave out. Let’s just give a summary we found on Wikipedia. “Foreman is the oldest living world

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A brand name does not merely exist to reflect the idea of a business but to help in promoting and selling the brand to its target audience. If you have to keep explaining your brand name to people, you need to start thinking of another name. Your target audience should be able to connect with your

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From when the idea was conceived, we were engaged to work with the owner in birthing this lovely brand. Covid-19 and lockdown obstructed the process a great deal, but the baby is born now in the city of Port Harcourt. The salon received over 40 new customers (excluding personal friends and relatives of the owner)

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Letters from our Captain. My Wife deals in jewelry and needed me to help her fix one of the silver neckpieces, three rings holding parts of the piece together had expanded and caused the piece to separate into two pieces. So I went to an area in town where I fix my wristwatches to see

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We had a meeting with someone recently who has a brilliant idea. She has figured out most of what needs to be in place to execute the idea, but there was a giant wall in front of her – how to get the clients. We spoke with her to provide guidance but we gleaned some

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Mr. Williams was lost in thoughts as he sat down at the wedding with the event brochure in his hands. He was impressed by the quality of the design, print, and everything. The brochure was for a one-day event, yet was of such top-notch quality. He left the wedding with a resolve to trash his


Whether you think the Covid19 situation is political or you believe the virus exists and the stats are valid, one thing we all have to agree on is that the crisis caused by the pandemic has affected everyone one way or the other. There are so many lessons to take away from the Covid19 experience

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There is a silent and internal conflict that we have noticed with some entrepreneurs. On one hand, they want their business to grow in leaps and bounds and be known across the world. And on the other hand, they don’t push their business enough like they should because there is the feeling of “should I