While most employees these days struggle to pursue a career and retain a job for a few years, Engr. Boladale Abiodun Adegbenro has followed his career through for over thirty five years. “I actually started working before I left the university; I was doing a part-time job then. Ever since, which is over thirty five

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November comes with so many pointers; like the slight signs of harmattan reminding you that the year is almost gone, the early signs of Christmas whispering to you about upcoming festivities and most crucial is the Black Friday rush informing you about all the things you need to shop for. At the sound of it,



From the well sliced Nibbles’ bread to the full Market Square loaf and down to the new Dome’s dough, consumers have a lot to keep their taste buds going. The flooded bread market continuously serves its consumers with different varieties to choose from. Whether it is sliced or whole, one thing most consumers can’t resist

Dominos Port Harcourt

With over millions of consumers all over the world, the franchise chain; Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery and Pink Berry Yoghurt continue to pitch their tent in major cities across the globe to spread their reach. From a small Pizza store in America fifty seven years ago, Domino’s Pizza has consistently broken new grounds and

A couple of months ago, we conducted a market research for a client that manufactures and distributes a product which falls within the category of Fast Moving Consumer Goods [FMCGs]. Their target was to push their product into same league as global brands with a strong national presence in Nigeria. The research was focused on



The story was told of a man who was completely unconscious and hospitalized at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital [UPTH]. His Wife didn’t have a penny on her, but she had her husband’s ATM Card with her; that would have been helpful, right? Wrong! She could not use it because she did not

So you had an idea with a plan and some resources to make it a reality, you then delved in with all you had; the zeal, the excitement, the knowledge from research, and so on. In a great feat of anxiety, you hastily rented a space, employed a number of staff and at some point;

Starting a business is one thing, building a business that not only stands the test of time but leaves lasting positive impressions on your clients, is another. My colleagues and I went out for some drinks at a new spot one of us had discovered; we decided it will be great to give it a

During the era of Nazi Germany, a secret-police organization was created to deal with persons suspected of disloyalty; they employed even crude means in carrying out this task. While extreme measures may not be employed in their case, employers often treat their employees as corporate slaves. They pay the salaries, so employees should just keep