Investors in Port Harcourt


If you are running a viable business and require funding to enable you to expand, we are hosting an event where you will pitch your existing business to a group of carefully selected investors. Your business must already be running with constant cash flow. You must present good records of finances. You will discuss and

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apple discontinues ipod

Written by Robinson Tombari Sibe (originally published on Facebook) There was a time when the Apple iPod was the most desired gadget anyone could wish for. Gradually, it began to diminish in market dominance, until two days back when Apple announced the discontinuation of iPod production, after 21 years in the market. This was a

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what is branding

Our favourite synonym of the word branding is marking. Marking on the surface level seems like the names, symbols, and physical attributes we use to identify one thing from another. We see it in our villages how livestock owners mark their goats, chickens, etc. That is branding in its basic form. We see it in the

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branding and marketing company in Nigeria


We read the employment letter of a certain business some time ago and it sounded more like a court judgment sending someone to imprisonment. No life in it, no line saying welcome, not to talk of the company’s vision and how new recruits fit into it. Basically, it’s a “this is what we employed you

branding and marketing company in Nigeria


Written by Comfort Adebayo, Janefrances Ibezim, Esther Julius, and Blessing Kamanu.   The hotel industry is one of the many industries that has witnessed a lot of transformations in the past decades. Globally, there has been tremendous growth in the hotel industry and this has helped in promoting tourism to a large extent. Before we

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branding and marketing company in Africa

Written by Evan Promise   I’ve been delaying writing about this for months now, but the shock I just got this morning, necessitated this post.   I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised that a lot of us mix all three up, because most of us do not know any better anyway. If not for

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branding and marketing agency

Written by Veronica Johnson   In this competitive digital arena, businesses have to do everything in their capacity to stay at the top. When you are trying to establish a new brand in the market and extend your products/services, you need to be ready with plenty of things. Today, creating a unique brand identity has

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branding and marketing company in nigeria

Written by Janefrances Ibezim   There was a social media outburst recently triggered by an article published by TechCabal and a session on Twitter spaces. Tech giants like Kuda, Bento Africa, Prospa, Life Bank, Ulesson, Wallet Africa amongst others were called out as toxic workplaces according to documented records by Trendinalia, a social media monitoring

branding company in nigeria

Written by Augustine Burutolu with contributions from Nneoma Chikeka   The dust is yet to settle over the unfortunate incident at the 94th Academy Awards (commonly referred to as the Oscars) on the 27th of March, 2022, which was held at the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, USA, in which actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris

branding company in nigeria


Written by Maple Dappa   I was certain that they were all above 50, possibly the youngest among them was 55 years old. They looked well-fed, they were jovial, and of course, they were all old enough to father me. My colleague accompanied me there and we were both pleasantly surprised to see her Dad