Written by Maple Dappa The story was told of a man who was completely unconscious and hospitalized at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital [UPTH]. His Wife didn’t have a penny on her, but she had her husband’s ATM Card with her; that would have been helpful, right? Wrong! She could not use it

Written by Nneoma Chikeka So you had an idea with a plan and some resources to make it a reality, you then delved in with all you had; the zeal, the excitement, the knowledge from research, and so on. In a great feat of anxiety, you hastily rented a space, employed a number of staff

Written by Kosisochukwu Ikeme Starting a business is one thing, building a business that not only stands the test of time but leaves lasting positive impressions on your clients, is another. My colleagues and I went out for some drinks at a new spot one of us had discovered; we decided it will be great

During the era of Nazi Germany, a secret-police organization was created to deal with persons suspected of disloyalty; they employed even crude means in carrying out this task. While extreme measures may not be employed in their case, employers often treat their employees as corporate slaves. They pay the salaries, so employees should just keep


Written by Ediomo Abikpa The importance of branding is no longer a subject of debate, but it appears some persons still wonder if branding is really necessary? Do you remember those times where you just had to try out a new product because you fell in love with the packaging? Think about the times you

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We’ve encountered these stories severally in the course of our work as a consulting agency and it was only recently we decided to start sharing the stories with the rest of the world. So here is our first attempt at sharing an impact story. We invite you to Meet David and his friends! These are

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Keep Your Brand Visible

We came across this pack of writing notes on the table of a top level business executive. It got our attention severally and we are certain it gets that of other visitors as well. We call it brandcasting; souvenirs like this are not mere gifts that we give away, they are transmitters we strategically place


A certain man once owned lots of properties in the city of Port Harcourt. Over time some relatives came to him to be assisted with their accommodation challenges. He dedicated a particular property of his at Aggrey Road to that purpose; he allotted rooms and apartments to them according to the size of their families.

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Building a loyal and effective team is one of the most critical factors in building a sustainable brand, but there’s a silent malware constantly disrupting the process of building a team. Let’s call it the Superiority Complex. The idea is yours or originated from you, so everyone else is a Lilliputian around you, almighty Gulliver.

One major reason, amongst others, why it is difficult for brand owners and founders in Nigeria to establish sustainable and effective systems/structures is KEY MAN Risk. The core of the venture is centered around one man without whom far too little or nothing happens. While this is the case with many who have been trying