improving team performance


Dear Business Owner,
Do not expect your workers to be super performers if you have not clearly outlined your expectations from them in the form of a job description.
And even when you have a job description, do not leave it at that. Create key performance indicators (KPIs) derived from the job description. In other words, have a way of measuring if each worker is on track with their duties.
The KPIs are like specific goals tied to the individual tasks a worker has to execute. It keeps them on their toes and you don’t need to worry much about them doing TikTok instead of working, their performance will be evaluated based on the KPIs.
The performance evaluation enables you to know whom to promote, whom to drop, whom to sponsor for further training, and so on, without sentiments.
This also addresses the concern of remote workers being distracted.
If you need help with implementation, come home to Mapemond. We are experts at this as part of our commitment to building profitable, sustainable, and reputable brands.