selling your business


Creating a system that guarantees sales without your direct personal effort is tough, and takes time. It’s a lot easier to sell through personal efforts, especially if you’re courageous, vocal, and have an audience.
We understand that even personal selling isn’t easy for a lot of people, but that is an opportunity for you to go right on to creating professional pages for your business. It will require more work than using your personal timeline or selling to your personal network, as it hides your shyness while you develop the boldness to drive visibility for the business with consistency, good content, and appealing offerings.
You may have to cut down spending on some things to gather money to run well-thought-out adverts that will build visibility for your business pages to complement organic growth.
If you are stuck on your personal social media timeline, here is a thought to ponder on:
Blessed are those whose business is approaching a time when sales will be made without personal posts on social media, for they shall know sustainable growth.
As time goes on, you will need to leverage everything at your disposal to make sales, as you also work towards building a system around your sales that isn’t wholly dependent on your direct personal efforts.  You will get tired sometime soon.
Some quick tips:
– Create a Google business page and run it actively.
– Get a website that suits your business and build visibility (a blog section with relevant topics people search often helps)
– Depending on your business, create a store page on Flutterwave or Paystack.
– Get official phone/WhatsApp numbers and an email address for your business, separate from your personal ones.
– Prepare marketing communication materials with VERY clear and precise messages. Distribute it strategically to where your target customers are.
– Create something free that will attract your target audience for them to WILLINGLY give you their contact details (don’t abuse it PLEASE).
– As your customer base grows, start building front -desk officers with well-trained personnel.
– For more tips, contact us for proper consultation. wecare@mapemond.com
Think systems. Build structures. One day at a time.