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The financial management world is a broad and tasking one where concentration and discipline are the key to unlocking success as a practitioner. Handling of finances, no matter how small especially in the area of loans, is probably one of the most risky jobs. Despite the risk involved, more persons continue to find their footing in that line of career. Let us peek into the work life of Ahayedo Rachael Osarugue, a Credit Officer.

Rachael summarises her job description simply, “I give out loans and also help people save.” This may sound simple but certainly entails a great deal of financial expertise in order to deal with the different financial situations of clients.


From her educational background, Rachael was lucky to have had a little foundation in her chosen career, “I studied business administration in school and right now I’m presently managing my branch though my career is based more on accounting now.”

Racheal has gleaned some vital life lessons during the course of work, she stated the sense of responsibility it has given her and her ability to adequately make futuristic plans.

“Working has really made me understand what my parents went through to settle my needs while I was much younger. It has also taught me how important it is to plan for the future as working is not forever.”

From her experience, Rachael concluded, “there is no good or bad client.” With this non-judgmental attitude towards her clients, she continues to keep an open mind about her job. This way she ensures all clients are served without any bias or disrespect.

Notwithstanding her open mindedness, Racheal acknowledged a major disadvantage that more often than not causes a setback in the organisation. “It’s possible you give out loans and you don’t get a payback or your payback is delayed,” she said.

The first step to solving a problem is to first identify it. After Rachael identified what challenged her most, she ensured it never hinders her from executing her job excellently. “I’m not too good with computers so I have to go extra length to do a perfect job,” she admitted.

Unlike most employees whose reason for having other opportunities asides their main job is basically to make more money. However, Rachael, driven by her passion for teaching, added it as a side hustle. She rightly stated, “I teach sometimes because I enjoy it.”

Based on her work experience so far, Rachael specifically advised those that would like to venture into the same career, “just don’t trust any client, not even the one that seems best at the moment.”

From the lessons Ahayedo Rachael Osarugue has shared with us, you can tell the work of a credit officers isn’t easy but with the right attitude, one can continuously improve and become better.

Written by Jennifer Chioma Amadi

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