branding and marketing company in Africa


If you focus on building your business the right way, your brand growth will happen rapidly once you finally hit the spot where your value proposition and pricing perfectly matches the right target market.
When you see those brands that “suddenly” blow up, it isn’t magic, they have most likely hit that sweet spot. The NGN900 food pack at Chicken Republic was that kind of sweet spot. Market Square bread hit the spot. It could be a particular service or product. It could be more.

Don’t insist on your own ideas, ask yourself:

What is the market craving?
What will make the market flow like rushing waters in your direction?

Keep exploring!
One day at a time.

It may be costing you money, but consider it as an investment in ‘research and development’. You will recover the money at the snap of your fingers when you hit that spot.

While you are tweaking and finding where that sweet spot is for your brand, remember to keep putting systems and structures in place that can handle the rapid growth.