grow your business beyond you


When it comes to small businesses on social media, the personal timelines of the owners have more content and engagement than the official pages.

We think this happens for several reasons that are understandable.

But we would like to remind you to note that you would need others to drive the entire social media bit someday while you focus on other things. So in whatever you are doing presently, do not neglect the official pages. We see many business owners not responding to comments on their official pages or responding days later.

If building a sustainable company brand out of the business is your desire, keep thinking about putting structured systems in place, think into the future, and put things in place in the bits you can gradually.

A question to ponder on,

Can someone take over the social media drive of your business and move it to a level beyond what you have been doing or at least keep it at the same level?

No matter the amazing results you are getting now, don’t stay stuck with self-employment modus operandi.

You can build something truly phenomenal. Go for it and make it last.

We are a voice from the future speaking to you.


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