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Acquiring customers require a great deal of effort; they should not slip through your fingers too easily. Here are some mistakes to avoid if you want to retain your customers significantly:

1.You’re not romancing them enough – Clients deep their hands in their pocket to buy from you because they love how you meet their needs. Take advantage of this and make your service delivery and relationship more soothing. Simply romance your money out of them.

2. You have a marketing effort that sucks – Customers want to associate with a brand that makes them proud. If your marketing effort is not as impressive as that of the competition, even old customers will be lured away from you. You need to pay attention to all of your marketing materials and efforts.

3. Not asking for enough feedback – Do you have a system to receive feedback from customers? It helps you know what your product/service is like in the view of the customers. Customers have a wealth of ideas to improve your business and you can only get that when you ask.

4. Outlive your usefulness – You must constantly reinvent your products/services to keep customers glued to you or they will slip away to more interesting options.

5. Inconsistency – Ensure that you maintain a consistent identity and appeal so that your customers will not drift to options that make a stronger impression on them with consistency.

6. Reward loyalty – Customers are more likely to stick with you if you appreciate their patronage and also reward them for being loyal, the little perks, bonuses or souvenirs matter.

The truth remains that customers will move on overtime, but try to ensure that you do your possible best to keep the much you can.

 Written by Donald Alaye