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CIIBEX Group is an indigenous conglomerate that comprises eight vibrant member companies. They reached out to us to be a part of their end of year retreat to train the entire staff crew. We got on board with the project, which eventually took place in January 2021.

We designed a custom curriculum according to their training needs:

– Marketing & sales

– Concept of branding

– Emotional intelligence

– Work ethics

– Customer service

– Creative problem solving

– Etc.

Each day of the training, the team members continued to immerse themselves in the experience and learning process. Our training approach included classroom activities, interactive sessions, role-plays (dramatization), and Q&As.

Beyond team bonding, what CIIBEX Group really wanted to achieve with the retreat was to reinstate the ideals of proper work ethic in their team and reconnect them to the brand. We could feel the impact that the training had on them even before the retreat was over.

The training equipped the staff for their various job functions and helped them to gain a better understanding of their role in growing the brand.

Having a strategic training plan for your staff is very important to help foster team bonding, capacity development and to help them stay continuously aligned with the brand vision and mission.

You must invest in building the capacity of your team because they cannot deliver more than their capacity.



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