When the ICT Department of the Rivers State Government sought to initiate RivJobs, a project focused on organizing the employment and empowerment generation concerns of the State, Mapemond was contacted as a strategic partner.

We began by articulating the working document for the entire project and then we were saddled with the role of creating and managing social media accounts for the project, managing everything publicity and media promotions. This required us to handle content development for the website (comprising About, FAQs, Privacy Policy & Terms, Courses, Skills, Sectors and Job Listings),  designs (brochure, social media content, posters, flyers, banners, roll-up stands, and other communication materials), script writing and production of radio jingles/video commercials, managing correspondence via help line, e-support desk, live chat, and others.

To personalize the project and bring the idea home, we also conducted photo shoots to create custom photos that further aid the desired narrative for the brand, in a way that is relatable to the target audience which is largely millennials.

In all of these, we have ensured to put in our creativity, intellect, commitment, and team spirit to make sure that the project sails smoothly to the set objectives!

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