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Written by Maple Dappa


For a triangle to be formed, three straight lines and points must be aligned together in the proper way. It’s the same in branding. There are three core cardinal points that must align for your brand to stand out and last long. They are People, Process, and Perception.


This is very crucial to the successful building of a brand because people will have to bring the vision alive. You cannot build a solid brand without the right people, the right welfare and the right leadership.
Who are the people involved with your brand from the management to your employees to your clients and customers?

How does the management relate with employees?
How do they build the team?
Are the employees true believers of the brands?
Will they grow with the brand?
How do you treat your customers?
Does your brand satisfy their needs, cravings and expectation?

Always remember that people are the foundation of every brand.


This involves the following:

• Setting up your organizational structure
• Defining your vision for the brand and having a direction for the brand
• Strategies you employ
• Your brand belief
• How you share your brand story
• Documenting your journey
• Your operational procedures


In building your brand, you must never make the mistake of leaving the perception of your business to chance. This is because it is very detrimental to your brand. You have to intentionally create and push the right perception of your brand consistently.

Starting from your brand name which should be simple and relatable, to your logo, to your font styles, to your brand colours which should align with what your brand represents, to your marketing materials, stationery, to the kind of adverts you put out, to your graphics, to your website and your pages on social media.

You must use every avenue available to you to influence the right perception for your brand.

Is your brand a luxury brand? Then you should make sure everybody coming in contact with your brand think and feel that way.

Grasping these three essential elements of brand development will most certainly set you on the right course if your goal is to build a profitable, sustainable, and reputable brand.