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We had a meeting with someone recently who has a brilliant idea. She has figured out most of what needs to be in place to execute the idea, but there was a giant wall in front of her – how to get the clients. We spoke with her to provide guidance but we gleaned some insights to share with you in your career or business journey.

Ideas and dreams are exciting.
Doing the groundwork could be fun.
Until it is time to sell yourself, product, or service, cold feet will show up.

Selling is not a skill for entrepreneurs only, it is a skill for everyone.

When you go to the visa office, it is a moment to sell yourself.
When you write application letters, you are selling yourself.
When you sit before a panel at a job interview, you are selling yourself.
When you share thoughts on social media, you are selling yourself.

Selling is a must-have skill for you.

Your dreams won’t come true if you don’t confront the challenge of selling.
Making two million bucks monthly is easy to calculate on paper until it is time to make the numbers a reality.
Confront the challenge of selling.

Selling is the bridge that leads to the land of milk and honey.

Find a way to kill that fear and sell.
Overcome that hesitation and sell.
Change your thinking about selling, you can learn and do it well.

The most successful people in the world are not necessarily those who are the best at what they do, but those who sold themselves better.

How badly do you desire success?
How badly do you desire to see your dreams come true?
Summon courage from within and confront the challenge of selling.

There are various options available to aid you – books, courses, seminars, coaching, mentoring, internship, and so on. Only you can make the move, so you can achieve better results.

What you desire for your career or business is waiting for you across the river called SALES (SELL YOURSELF).

We wish you success!