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What makes a solid brand? Good Product.

1. People
2. Good Business
3. Values
4. Identity
5. Good Product

To emerge as a solid brand means that you are solving a problem, so well that people keep coming back to you for your solution. As a business brand, there are two ways you solve people’s problems, through your products or services.

If you are going to build a solid brand, then your service or product has to get so good that it cannot be easily replicated by anyone else.

Here are some quick tips to consider in creating super good products or services:

a) Quality: Strive to ensure authenticity, durability, efficiency, dependability, or top-notch expertise and professionalism in the case of services. Give customers value for their money, so they can always speak well of your product.

b) Functionality: Your product or service should be designed to address the pain points of customers. Keep it as simple as possible while it solves the problem optimally. 

c) User Experience: Make it very user-friendly. Remember the product is for the customers, not for you. The guide to this is to create products and services that customers can readily use by themselves with little or no support.

d) Innovation: It does not matter how well your product is functioning presently, you have to keep seeking ways to improve it by all means necessary. A lot is changing with how people live, technological advancement, and so on, your product or service should not be stuck.

e) R & D: To improve your product or service, mind your assumptions. Do your research from the customers and the general market, so you can develop the products and services accordingly.

f) Product Branding: In every way possible way, make your product or service look good. Everything about the product should reflect the standard you are trying to attain, it helps to establish your brand as solid.

It is important to mention that all these factors may not fall in line at once, but keep improving and with time your brand will emerge as solid.

Building profitable and reputable BRANDS is what we love doing.

One more lesson coming on what makes a solid brand.