small business branding


Salaries aren’t determined by what the employee desires, it’s ultimately hinged on what the business can afford to pay.
Where the affordable amount is poor, the employer should make room for some level of flexibility to get good productivity.
Create shifts, reduce work hours, give off days, allow remote work if and when possible/necessary. Make room for extra bucks and bonuses.
Your business may be struggling, but you cannot build a great business with a team of people constantly grumbling and edgy.
A lot of people don’t mind low pay but to give their best, they need to be sure you care about their own welfare and growth.
Another way to deal with the issue is to reduce the number of employees to the barest minimum, so you can pay the few better for the much work they do.
Our HR strategies and models need to adapt to changing realities, and not just principles gotten from textbooks and classrooms. Streetwise also matters.
In the Igbo apprenticeship system, people even work for free for years, but in exchange, they are fed, trained in the trade and set up to run theirs in a few years.
Take better care of people if you want people to take better care of your business. Simple but not easy to grasp.