Some businesses began as a means of survival.
Some began as a means of attaining a comfortable life.
Some as an alternative source of income.
And some as a vision to create a sustainable company.
The way you approach your business is often an indicator of how and why the business was started.
However, you have to be sensitive to know when it’s time to make the transition from where and why you started to the next level.
Too many people stay stuck at the survival and comfort stage under the guise of small business.
I would like you to think about this and find answers yourself.
Do you look forward to seeing your business exit the small business stage?
What needs to happen for your business to stop being a small business?
Can you handle your business becoming a company?
Being a CEO isn’t simply by founding a business.
Being a CEO implies there are other executive officers and you are the Chief of them all.
Look at your business, do you really have other executive officers?
My intent here is to stretch your mind to the fact that at some point you have to make the transition to building a proper company either by upgrading your present business or starting another one.
However, if a small business is all you sincerely wanted to build, that’s fine as well. Just ensure you make it a brand that stands out.
This conversation shall continue…
Written by Maple Dappa