getting your business structure right


I look forward to a time when I can take leave from work and business is still going fine. I am currently about 40% there and still putting in the work.

Presently, we are developing a marketing and sales system for Mapemond that wouldn’t be halted if I go on a vacation to enjoy life. It’s part of our 2022 plans.

Can you take leave from your business?
Or do you look forward to such a time?

A business where nothing happens unless you are actively involved with daily operations is a trap and you should be working your way out of it over time.

Yes, in the days you are still trying to figure out things and getting a good footing, you have to be readily available and actively involved, but that is different from being obsessed with yourself in the business.

Imagine those who own multiple branches of their business, how do they keep them running without being present in all?

Systems, my friend. Systems.

The elderly woman who sells foodstuff in my neighbourhood now spends more time resting because, after the first few years of starting the business and teaching her children the ropes, they now have the competence to handle most things themselves. Her suppliers now also bring the goods to her shops.

Your employees are not your children, loyalty and long-term service is something they choose to give, it’s not something you force. They could leave at any time and you would have to replace them. How do you minimize the effect of people exiting and people coming onboard?

Systems, my friend. Systems.

Many of the primary and secondary schools that those who are 35years and above attended are struggling to survive mainly because they were centred around the founders who are now ageing and their children have their own career paths to pursue. What could they have done differently?

Systems. As the years went by, they could have kept revamping their business structure to enthrone a system that can provide better sustainability.

If you intend to do your current business for long, you will come to this same realization and it’s my hope that these lessons I freely share would enable you to navigate things better.

If this strikes a chord in you, then you are my Co-Traveler in business and it’s your kind that Mapemond is looking at working with, that’s if you are willing and open-minded. Let’s start the conversation early enough, reach out via inbox or send an email to¬†wecare@mapemond.com

It’s our desire to see reputable brands and sustainable businesses emerge from Africa.