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With the fast rise of technologies of all kinds – the simple and the sophisticated – the world’s advancement clings on technological wings. A country’s development is now measured by its level of technological growth and input, while humanity relies on it for easier and better existence. This leaves one with no other choice than to embrace the innovations that come with technology.

An aspect of technology that has gained its way into our lives is software applications that tend to create more ease in operating technological devices. Globally, many new and modified software are being developed every single day to ensure more users leverage technology. Nigeria is not left out of this rave as many organisations and start-ups constantly search for ways to proffer technological solutions.

Since 2009, Cinfores Limited took up the challenge and has so far, made laudable impact in the society. Here is an overview of Cinfores.


Cinfores Limited is a rapidly growing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. It began its journey with the aim to design software and offer educational solutions and services in the world of technology.

The company was founded by Asawo Ibifuro, Nwogu Ikechi and Saborogha Boneri who got connected during their days at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology and were driven by similar purpose. Together these three like minds have dedicated their time, resources and knowledge to build the iconic company, Cinfores.  

For over a decade, Cinfores Limited has been committed to developing relevant solution-oriented software one of which being its flagship e-learning software – BrainFriend. This software, which has become a recognised brand, is considered Nigeria’s first examination preparatory and self-development tool. This educational software is designed to enlighten and guide students preparing for any type of examination in a way reducing failure.

The company has also earned the title, the CEO’s trusted adviser because of the solutions it provides for executives on ICT investments. The products and services offered by the company are geared towards sustainable development with keen attention paid to quality. They deliver services in areas like software development, application maintenance, business process modelling, system computerisation, ICT infrastructure, web hosting, networking and general ICT consultancy.

In the course of time, Cinfores has consciously gained immense experience in many aspects such as campus management and administration; scholarship management and administration; membership management systems, and administration of electronic screening tests etc. It has gradually deepened its root in different sectors in Nigeria, thereby becoming a leading brand in its own sector – ICT.


Cinfores’ vision is “To become Africa’s leading ICT Company for development in Education.”


The brand is on a mission “To improve the quality and management of education at all levels”


Cinfores Limited is defined by the following core values:  

I – Integrity

F – Flexibility

E – Excellence

A – Accountability

T – Trust


At Cinfores Limited, they operate with a transparent structure that is constantly enhanced and improved and work with a genuine interest for their clients.


Cinfores’ production strategy revolves around creating valuable products and services that are of high quality and cost-competitive. To increase their relevance, the company’s products are designed with sustainability as the end goal. They work in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and strive to develop and maintain innovative technological ideas.

As mentioned earlier, Cinfores is focused on finding solutions to different societal problems. They have employed this strategy in different organisations ranging from educational institutions, to governmental establishments and down to private organisations. Here are some solutions it has provided to tackle loopholes in these areas; Cinfores BrainFriend, Cinfores ecampus, Cinfores esms, Cinfores eskool, Cinfores examiner, and Cinfores erecruitment.


Amongst many impactful projects Cinfores has embarked on, the introduction of BrainFriend in 2016 was an exceptional one. The brand’s fame increased with the release of an enhanced version that featured video & animated lessons, instructional dramas & educational games, over 70,000 questions/answers/explanations in line with the national curriculum and over 59 subjects and lots more.

This innovative input in the educational sector has had tremendous impact in the lives of students and the country at large.

Witten by Jennifer Chioma Amadi

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