getting leads and closing sales


Being a salesperson is not merely about explaining the service or product.
You must know the product very well and be able to explain it excellently, but sales require more than that.
Here is a conversation our Captain witnessed at the airport lounge between a sales representative of a real estate company and a prospect.
Salesperson: Hello Sir, please can I sit here?
Prospect: Sure, the seat is free.
Salesperson: Thank you, but I was asking because I wanted to speak with you.
Prospect: Okay.
Salesperson: My name is Eva and I work with a real estate company.
Prospect: Oh, don’t bother yourself.
Salesperson: Erm, someone else already spoke to you?
(The wrong question!…can you guess why? Drop it as a comment.)
Prospect: No. I am also into Real Estate.
Salesperson: Oh wow. That’s nice. No problem, Sir. Thank you for your time, Sir.
And Eva takes a walk.
The prospect gave her audience and wasn’t in a hurry with the conversation.
Some prospects will tell you that they are also into real estate just to get you off their back.
When they say that, bring up the conversationalist in you, every good salesperson must know how to start and sustain a conversation.
Eva could ask the prospect about the aspect of real estate he is into – people love to talk about their business.
As he speaks, she will be making positive remarks about his business intermittently while she is scanning to see what opportunities she could explore, since he isn’t a direct client.
And if it appears that there will be no deal after she scans, she works on establishing a network with him for possible business opportunities and necessary follow-up depending on where the conversation ends.
Being a salesperson is dynamic, it isn’t as simplistic as getting customers to buy goods over the counter in a shop.
Five key things to note:
1. Know your product or service very well.
2. Know how to profile your prospects.
3. Learn to start and sustain a conversation.
4. Focus on getting something, at least a contact for further communication.
5. Engage professionals like Mapemond for training, you cannot grow your brand without a great sales strategy, team, and the needed super skills.
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