In our world today, there is an endless demand on everyone venturing into business to build as much capacity as they can in order to remain relevant. That invariably means, the more capacity an individual or a company has, the more relevant and sought after they become.

In a seminar session tagged “#DoItYourself”, sometime ago, the Facilitator, Mr Tosin Yusuff shared an illustration that emphasized the levels and effects of capacity. He said [paraphrased];

“You can touch a wrist watch battery as you like and it won’t hurt you because it is low in voltage.

You can touch finger batteries as you like and they won’t hurt you because they are low in voltage.

You cannot touch a car battery same way because, it is higher in voltage and can hurt you.

You won’t even dare a high tension cable because, it will ‘kill you dead’ (as an insecticide advert once said).”

From the illustration above, it can be deduced that the more capacity something possesses, the more powerful it becomes. This too can be said for human beings and businesses that aim at making global or national impact.

Another key take away from the illustration is that one should always be conscious of the level of their capacity. In most cases, business owners overrate themselves; while their capacity could be likened to that of a finger battery but they continue to think of themselves as high tension cables. They simply live in denial and that obviously hinders their growth.

A company or an individual could have well defined goals, clear vision and mission statements and the most striking strategic plan but still struggle if there is no capacity for execution. This implies that for an organization to achieve their goals, it must have built capacity over a period of time. The same way an athlete continues to train in order to win, that should be the same way a company should strive to build capacity.

Building capacity involves retaining and improving skills that are relevant, gaining broader knowledge, utilizing available tools and resources needed for effectiveness as an individual or establishment. The major idea behind capacity building is to maximize all the learning materials that improves and builds the company and its employees. Every aspect of an organization should be put into consideration. This ensures that the different areas from technical competence, to financial management, to social intelligence are all polished.

If you seek to build a brand that would stand the test of time, then capacity building is a compulsory task you should be willing to inculcate and remain intentional about.  It is imperative to bear in mind that increasing your company’s capacity is not a day’s job but a continuous journey. Are you ready to begin?

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