Deciding Your Career Path


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Duration: 23mins 23secs

Knowing your career path helps you gain clarity and focus on the steps to take towards actualizing your career goals. This course is for those who are undecided or unsure of what career path to follow.

 Course Outline:

    1. Intro
    2. Six things to consider
    3. The future of work
    4. Stooping low to conquer (A Story)

What you will gain from this course:

  • You will discover and explore six (6) things to consider when choosing a career path
  • You will learn how the future of work relates to your career path
  • You will get valuable lessons from this story “stooping low to conquer”
  • You will gain many insights to help you decide your own career path

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Decide your career path
  • Start from somewhere towards your career path
  • Connect your career path to the unfolding future

This course provides insight to aid you in deciding your career path.


  • Undivided attention
  • Willingness and readiness to learn, unlearn and re-learn.
  • A gadget (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc.)

Who should take this course:

  • Entry-level applicants
  • Career professionals seeking other opportunities
  • Undergraduates seeking internship and volunteering opportunities

Enroll if:

  • You want your application to stand out from the multitude
  • You are convinced that entrepreneurship is not for you
  • You need relevant information about personal career-building skills
  • You are feeling stuck at the same job
  • You want to smoothen rough edges in your career journey
  • You want to add value to yourself
  • You are seeking to get a job
  • You are unsure of how to go about your job hunting
  • You want to grow in your career journey
  • You want to increase your chances of getting that job


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