Some businesses began as a means of survival. Some began as a means of attaining a comfortable life. Some as an alternative source of income. And some as a vision to create a sustainable company.   The way you approach your business is often an indicator of how and why the business was started. However,

internal and external branding

Getting it right with your brand is a function of how well you get it with internal and external branding. For any brand to stand out, these two must be in place. Irrespective of the size, nature, and location of your business, the effect of branding will always set you apart. Small and local businesses

selling your business

As an entrepreneur, it is not enough to have a brilliant idea neither is it good to rush into execution because you think your idea can fetch you lots of money. One question you must sincerely ask yourself is how will I get clients? Ideas and dreams are exciting. Doing the groundwork could be fun.

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improving team performance


Dear Business Owner, Do not expect your workers to be super performers if you have not clearly outlined your expectations from them in the form of a job description. And even when you have a job description, do not leave it at that. Create key performance indicators (KPIs) derived from the job description. In other

getting funding


“Funding for our business was approved” That was the message a client sent to us recently! We are not sure of what was responsible, but we got a lot of requests for business plan writing during the lockdown on to the later part of last year. It gives us joy when entrepreneurs give serious thought

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business support group


Drawing from the lessons of 2020, we decided to start a support community for entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be one sometime soon. It will be a full-blown business community (in the form of an Academy) for those who are seeking to go beyond mere hustle and survival to building sustainable companies and reputable brands. Many business ideas will

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It’s a new year and everyone is optimistic about achieving great results. One major goal that business owners want to achieve is to make more money, it is the key driver for business. Having a financial goal helps a brand to identify its target market and the right audience to pitch its services and products

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know the business side of your skill

Many persons are skilled but only a few seem to understand the business of their skill. One major element in making your skill or talent a business is to learn to sell that skill. To know how to bake cakes is one thing, understanding the business of selling cakes is another. To know how to

getting leads and closing sales

Being a salesperson is not merely about explaining the service or product. You must know the product very well and be able to explain it excellently, but sales require more than that. Here is a conversation our Captain witnessed at the airport lounge between a sales representative of a real estate company and a prospect.

whatsapp markketing


The screenshots below are from a conversation between the Founder of a Laundry and our colleague. We think that it is a masterclass on how to get into people’s DM or inbox instead of just dumping flyers and random broadcast for them. We hope that you will pick insights from it.