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There are many tools that can help make you super productive if you make use of that small computer in your hands, and a bit of research shows that these tools listed are the best productivity apps to have in 2019 that can help boost your productivity at work. Google Drive – this is a

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It starts with planning – if you are not skilled in public speaking, seek training to equip yourself.

branding firm in port harcourt

For a small business owner, taking that short break from your business may mean closing your business or a drop in sales. We both know this; you need a break and that break can energize you or help you focus on personal things and possibly help you think more strategically about your business. So since

branding firm in port harcourt

There are skills every social media expert must possess; this list shows what those skills are to both aspiring social media experts and those seeking to hire them. Copywriting – this is the foundation of social media management since you will be doing a lot of writing on social channels, it is important you know

marketing firm in port harcourt


Recently, we did a brand comparison on people’s preference between Big Cola and RC Cola. It was quite an interesting topic as people gave various reasons why they prefer any of the brands, varying from how they liked their business strategies down to their prices, taste, and size. Based on analysis, 50% or respondents preferred

branding firm in port harcourt

Impression is everything in business, if you make a good impression on a potential client they may eventually become a customer and this is because clients notice the small things you do. So it’s important that you make extra effort. If you run a walk-in business with high customer traffic, these tips would help you

branding firm in port harcourt


For most people, creating stability in all spheres of life comes to them with ease, but for others it is a daunting task and the end result is worrisome. For those struggling with finding work-life balance, be assured that you are not in this alone. Balance is your ability to gain stability and fulfillment and

branding firm in port harcourt

Branding is never just about your logo. It is more about creating a unique identity, which actually requires time and effort. Sometimes it could mean working with consultants to get the expected response from your promotional materials and even more. Anyway, the good thing here is, if you are reading this you will be getting

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branding firm in port harcourt

This award of recognition compiled by Mapemond Resources is the first of its kind for the organisation. This premier edition recognises both organisational and personal brands that have consistently created positive awareness and influence in the city of Port Harcourt and are completely changing the narratives in their various sectors against all odds. The awards

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During the week we asked for opinions from people on social media on their most preferred cinemas in Port Harcourt and we got lots of interesting responses. While 65% preferred Filmhouse due to larger screens, good sound quality and other side attractions, 30% preferred the serene and clean environment that comes with seeing a movie

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