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Driving sales through visibility.

It appears that many entrepreneurs desire to make sales without investing in gaining visibility. We wrote this article to offer some perspective. Unless your business is hinged solely on personal contacts and contracts, you need to keep investing in attaining better visibility. At the point customers make a buying decision, they usually go for the

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marketing firm in port harcourt

The best relationships are not necessarily the ones without squabbles and disputes, but the ones where the partners can address the issues graciously and carry on beautifully with the relationship. They understand that other issues will come along the way, but they maintain the same disposition in addressing the issues, not to tear down, but

branding firm in port harcourt

At the ongoing Startup South Conference in Uyo, my firm, we hosted a session to discuss brand visibility as a means to access the market with Startups and emerging businesses. The panelists submitted as follows: 1. Before you strive for visibility, make sure your product is good enough for the market. It may not be

branding firm in port harcourt

What makes a solid brand? Good Product.

1. People2. Good Business3. Values4. Identity5. Good Product To emerge as a solid brand means that you are solving a problem, so well that people keep coming back to you for your solution. As a business brand, there are two ways you solve people’s problems, through your products or services. If you are going to

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branding firm in Port harcourt

What makes a solid brand? Identity

Would you identify a Mercedes Benz car even without the logo on it? Would you identify the voices of people you know personally even without seeing their faces?  Would you recognize the taste of your favorite food brand even with your eyes closed?  Where are we going with these questions?  It’s simple. Whether done intentionally

branding firm in port harcourt

There is so much power that lies in our hands, thanks to the evolution of technology. This power is acquired from the moment we purchase a gadget, connect to the internet and log on to a social media platform. With the emergence of social media, the world has not only become smaller but also several

branding firm in port harcourt

What makes a solid brand? Values.

1. People2. Good Business3. Values From the oldest hotel and business in the world, Nishiyama Onsen Keuinkan, to Colgate, Kelloggs, John Deere, Nestle, Unilever, and most other brands that have lasted over a hundred years, which we have studied, they all have one thing in common – brand values. The founder(s) gave careful thought to

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2. Good Business. The whole idea of branding is to market your business in such a way that it has a fixed place in the minds of customers and the market at large. What this implies is that branding on its own will not make any difference if your business model and strategy are flawed. 

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branding firm in port harcourt


One of the most valuable things you can do for your organization is to seek honest feedback from your team. There is a treasure of insights lying untapped within your team, but the wall between you and them does not let them share. You have your ears closed and they have their lips sealed. It

branding firm in port harcourt

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, a hot springs hotel in Kyoto, Japan, is the world’s oldest hotel and also the world’s oldest continuously-operating business, as verified by Guinness World Records. The hotel is now 1313 years old and has been operated by 52 generations of descendants of the same family.