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There is a silent and internal conflict that we have noticed with some entrepreneurs. On one hand, they want their business to grow in leaps and bounds and be known across the world. And on the other hand, they don’t push their business enough like they should because there is the feeling of “should I

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When it comes to small businesses on social media, the personal timelines of the owners have more content and engagement than the official pages. We think this happens for several reasons that are understandable. But we would like to remind you to note that you would need others to drive the entire social media bit

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Beyond The Crisis [e-Book]

There are lots of questions bugging the minds of business owners, many are concerned about how to manage the situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.   How long will the pandemic last? In what ways will it affect business going forward? Should you completely halt business activities? How do you prepare for business after the

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Thinking Business ideas [eBook]

Building an awesome brand begins with an idea, this book shares perspectives on thinking through business ideas. It is a twelve minutes read of stories and quick insights. We hope you will enjoy reading it. We would love to get your feedback. Kindly share with those who need it. You can get it via DOWNLOAD HERE

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The Business Mindset [Free eBook]

Just because we are truly committed to helping you build a reputable brand, this is our gift of love to the entrepreneur out there who is tired of remaining stuck and desires to scale. The entrepreneur who is struggling with separating personal finance from business finance. The entrepreneur seeking to get better organized for success.

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When we got engaged as brand consultants by a client, 7 out every 10 customers complained about the price at our client’s venture. Presently, only 1 out of every 10 complain. What changed? We overhauled the visuals! 1. We designed a new logo. 2. We created a new brand color. 3. We pulled down the

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What Happened? This is a very important question to ask in customer relations. Some customers (usually a few out of the lot) will be unreasonable, unruly, dishonest, over-demanding and show total disregard for your business terms and processes. When an incident occurs in your business and you address it with the default mindset of “the

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You need your own marketing channels

Imagine that you own a salon and employed someone to help manage it while you focus on your 8-5. The manager made a request for a dedicated smartphone that will be used for social media management and other communications with customers, but you said no, the manager should use her own phone. You want to

marketing company in port harcourt

Poor work ethic and culture is a major challenge that businesses silently grapple with, whether remotely or in the workplace. It even tends to turn some employers into very mean people. Workers show up late at work, drag feet to get things done, hardly reply to emails, fail at deliverables repeatedly, some keep making excuses

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We listen keenly to business owners as they vent their frustration about the marketing team not raking in revenue as expected. We engage them further in the conversation and it turns out that the business itself doesn’t have a clearly defined marketing strategy or plan. They pass the buck to the marketing team to take