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Justina sells fried yam, potatoes, plantain, and fish in her neighbourhood in the city of Port Harcourt. She makes average revenue of NGN38, 000 daily, which amounts to NGN228,000 weekly (excluding Sundays). Her revenue in a month is approximately 900k. There are 11 other people selling fries within that axis of the town. Some make

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In branding, there is something called relationship typology forms. It simply means the kind of relationship people have with their chosen brands. Every customer has a particular form of relationship with your business, and understanding these forms of relationship will help you to be more intentional with your marketing and customer relationship management. These typology

marketing and branding company in Nigeria


Whatever you are doing with your business, there is a perception you are projecting to your customers and the market at large. Whether you are intentional about it or not, the perception takes on wings by itself and soars. From your service delivery to social media pages, marketing materials like flyers and others, quality of

marketing and branding in nigeria

We have held two editions of our virtual hangout on branding, and both have been fantastic. The first session was to be summarized into a document to serve as a refresher course but guess what happened? It turned out a sweet book that walks you through the concept of branding and how you can start

marketing and branding in nigeria

When we took over the management of a restaurant brand, most of the staff were problematic and gave the outgoing manager headache, particularly the cleaners and cooks. Over ten months after, the same workers are mostly well behaved and improving daily. What changed? Leadership style. We will use a story to explain what we mean.

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Recently, we had a brief meeting with a client who wants us to handle marketing communications for their group of businesses. The client said something that got us musing about what we will be sharing in a jiffy. The client said, “I don’t want mere advertising. I want marketing communications”. We are delighted whenever a

branding and marketing firm in Africa

In your effort to market your business, one of the things you can do to gain better visibility and attract your desired target audience is to have what is called a big idea. A big idea is commonly used for marketing campaigns. Every professional marketing campaign you see has a big idea that drives it

marketing and branding company in Nigeria

A few weeks ago, we spent some time with the CEO of Fifi’s Food House, Onimim Fifi Karibo, at her kitchen hub in the city of Port Harcourt where she treaded us to a three-course meal. While we sat in her office, we noticed her people were at work preparing the meal. At some point,

branding and marketing company in Africa


A menu is a tool that greatly improves the sales process for a food business. Customers glance through to see what is on offer and what the prices are, it aids them to decide what options to settle for and they know the cost implication as well. In some restaurants, there are combinations of the

branding and marketing company in Africa

If you focus on building your business the right way, your brand growth will happen rapidly once you finally hit the spot where your value proposition and pricing perfectly matches the right target market. When you see those brands that “suddenly” blow up, it isn’t magic, they have most likely hit that sweet spot. The